Course Logistics

Course Number
Timing and location
Fall 2015
Mondays, 1:00-4:00 PM, E14-493
Enrollment limit
Limited to 12 students (no auditing).
Course credit
12 Units
Course instructors
Ricarose Roque, Sayamindu Dasgupta, and J. Nathan Matias.
Faculty advisor
Mitchel Resnick
Office hours
By appointment.
Course requirements
No technical or social science experience required. Permission of instructors needed.
Course Structure

This course is split into two parts. In part 1, we will explore ways to think about impact. In part 2, we will explore special topics relevant to work in the Media Lab. Each course session is three hours long and is split in three parts: discussion, activity, and speakers.

Weekly blog-posts

Students will post a blog post every week on 12pm Friday before each class. Each day on the syllabus has an assigned topic for the post. Students are encouraged to comment on at least two other blog posts before the class.

Final Projects

Information is in the Final Project information page

  • Important dates:
    • Literature review: Oct 13
    • Proposal due: Oct 26
    • Final project presentation: Dec 7
    • Final project and written essay: Dec 10
  • Grading

    30% class participation (discussion, activities, possibly facilitation)
    30% weekly assignments (blog posts, commenting on each other’s blog posts)
    40% final project (project proposal, final presentation, and product (may be a written piece, software, video, etc.))

    What we expect from you
    • We are committed to creating an environment of respect and openness, and expect you to support that.
    • We especially welcome students who want to develop ideas for impact after and beyond this class.
    • Participation in class discussions, activities, and blog post reflections.
    • Commitment to attend classes and develop a final project.
    What you can expect from us
    • We’re committed to providing readings, activities, and speakers that will help you reflect and think about the impact of your work.
    • We’re here to support, give you feedback, and challenge you to develop a thoughtful project you would like to develop.
    • We will also link you to the networks and the resources to continue with your project.